Geocode and Reverse Geocode NZ Addresses

Add latitude and longitude coordinates to your address data for geospatial applications

Visualise customer addresses on a map using geocodes

Tag customer addresses with precise geospatial latitude and longitude coordinates. Visualise address data on maps to identify store networks, events and groups of customers with high accuracy.

Type in a New Zealand address or select "Addresses near me" in the address suggestions to find coordinates and visualise the points on Google maps.

Reverse Geocode Addresses

Use the inbuilt browser GPS to find the addresses closest to the user. Reverse Geocoding provides a "click and select" address finder without typing.

Reverse geocoding is ideal for applications such as delivery, pick-up, insurance incident notifications or emergency services callouts.

Find addresses near me

Bulk Address Geocoding

  • Use the Bulk Address Geocoding service to turn a CSV or Excel spreadsheet with latitude and longitude coordinates into addresses
  • Use the Address Cleansing service to add latitude (Y) and longitude (X) coordinates to your existing customer address database

Geospatial and Reverse Geocoding APIs