Fuzzy Address Searching

What is fuzzy address searching?

When typing in an address search criteria, it is easy to make typos and misspellings, especially when someone tells you their address over the phone and you're not 100% sure on the spelling. Instead of returning no address matches that would likely frustrate users, fuzzy address matching will widen the net to include addresses that may match by using a relevance score to push better matches to the top of the list.

When addresses or postcodes exist that do contain exactly what the user has typed in, Addy's NZ address finder will show these addresses at the top of the list and weaker matches will be pushed further down the result set.

Fuzzy address matching is also a key component in address validation and address cleansing software that will improve overall data quality. Not only does fuzzy address matching find mistakes, it also reformat addresses in a standard format, including the full road name, suburb, city and postcode.

Smart address suggestions with fuzzy matching

Users making mistakes during an address entry, especially on small devices, are a common cause of delivery issues. Minor mistakes by made by users result in support calls, increased shipping costs and delays. Increased ease of address entry reduces cart abandonment and increases sales.

Addy is the solution to accurate addresses. Addy's smart address suggestions with fuzzy matching ensures that errors are caught and corrected before they cause a problem. This means that if a typo, invalid postcode or partially correct address fragment is entered, customers can still find the right address.

Visit our blog for 12 tests to find addresses using fuzzy matching.

Spelling Mistakes

Addy is a spelling champion that can identify and correct swapped keys, missing letters or even invalid characters to provide users with the right street, suburb and city.


Given a partial address, Addy will locate the right place. Addy instantly filters through millions of land and geo records to save time by requiring 80% less typing.


Addy understands that Flat 1, Unit 1, 72A and 1/72 are similar, so you can rely on Addy to identify synonyms and alternative street numbers to provide a better user experience.

Nearest Neighbour

People often type in a well-known or desirable nearby suburb instead of the official postal area. Addy knows NZ regions and districts to correctly identify a suburb giving couriers and posties an address and postcode they can find.

Extra Words

Copying and pasting delivery details are fast and easy. But what happens when extra words or spaces are added, such as 'front desk'? Addy excels at solving word puzzles and can easily filter out irrelevant words so users don't have to.


Addy ensures that the format of all new addresses are consistent and complete (with suburb and postcode). Addy works hard to help businesses clean and tidy up databases to ensure uniformity throughout.

Supplied Address: Front Door, 1/77 Kitchenr Rd, Takapuna

Matched Address: 77A Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland 0620

Number corrected to 77A
Spelling corrected to Kitchener
Abbreviation corrected to Road
Suburb corrected to Milford
Added the city and post code
Removed the "front door" prefix