Bounding Box Address API

Retrieve the addresses within a bounding box of GPS coordinates


Given a bounding box / polygon of latitude (Y) and longitude (X) GPS coordinates, the Bounding Box API will return a collection of all the addresses within that area.

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There are online tools to draw a polygon that can be used for querying the API.

Bounding Box Address Lookup

API Endpoint

HTTP Request Type GET

cURL Request

The example below will make a JSON request to find the addresses within a bounding box area (174.750338 -36.846513,174.751035 -36.845448,174.752451 -36.845912,174.751647 -36.847097):

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' ' -36.846513,174.751035 -36.845448,174.752451 -36.845912,174.751647 -36.847097'

Request Parameters

Parameter Description Type Example
limit Number of addresses to return per batch (default = 100, maximum = 1000) integer 200
offset Offset to continue the paging (default = 0) integer 5
coordinates A collection of coordinates in WGS84 format string 174.750338 -36.846513,174.751035 -36.845448,174.752451 -36.845912,174.751647 -36.847097

Response Properties

Property Description Type Example
addresses Array of address results address array [{address},{address}]
_links Link for paging to the next set of results URI /boundingbox?x=174.754325&y=-36.846829&offset=10&limit=10

Address Response Property Description

Property Description Type Example
id Unique identifier for the address integer 5334946
displayname Full display name of the address string 203-271 Victoria Street West, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010
distancekm Approximate distance between the address and the coordinates double 0.15607143886453542
_link Link to Details API for retrieving metadata string /address/5334946

Response Example for retrieving the addresses in a bounding box area (174.750338 -36.846513,174.751035 -36.845448,174.752451 -36.845912,174.751647 -36.847097): -36.846513,174.751035 -36.845448,174.752451 -36.845912,174.751647 -36.847097

  "addresses": [
      "id": 2760578,
      "displayname": "3/20 Beaumont Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010",
      "_link": "/address/2760578"
      "id": 2760577,
      "displayname": "2/20 Beaumont Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010",
      "_link": "/address/2760577"
      "id": 2760576,
      "displayname": "1/20 Beaumont Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010",
      "_link": "/address/2760576"
  "_links": {
    "next": "/boundingbox?coordinates=174.750338+-36.846513%2C174.751035+-36.845448%2C174.752451+-36.845912%2C174.751647+-36.847097&limit=3&offset=3"