WooCommerce Address Validation Plugin

Address Autocomplete for your NZ WooCommerce site

WooCommerce Address Validation Plugin

Use the WooCommerce Address Validation Plugin to autofill the address forms on your checkout page. The plugin uses fuzzy address matching matching to identify and correct typos and mistakes before they become a delivery problem.

500 FREE completed address fields per month. Busy month? Choose a plan to meet your needs.

WooCommerce + Addy

Increase Conversion Rates

Reduce friction and increase conversion rates with a fast checkout process

Delightful Checkout Experience

Create a delightful checkout experience for repeated business

Verified and Validated Addresses

Verify, validate and autofill address details in real-time to deliver to the right address

Free Address Autocomplete

Download and install Addy at no cost. Get 500 free completed address lookups per month

Free Open Source Code

The source code for the WooCommerce plug-in is available on GitHub

Integrated in Minutes

Addy's simple setup process means you can start capturing accurate addresses in minutes

Address Validation Installation Guide

Checkout address suggestion and autocomplete for WooCommerce demo:

WoorCommerce Address Autocomplete Demo

Download WooCommerce Plugin

1. Download, extract and upload the WooCommerce plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the Menu > Plugins screen in WordPress.

Check the "NZ Address Lookup for WooCommerce" box and click on "Activate". WooCommerce Active Address Lookup
Below is a screenshot of when the NZ Address Lookup plugin is activated. WooCommerce Address Lookup Activated

3. Configure the plugin on the Menu > WooCommerce > Settings screen and click on the Checkout or Payments tab.

WooCommerce address finder options

WooCommerce address finder options

4. Scroll down to Addy's NZ Address Autocomplete Settings.

Note: The settings are at the bottom of the "Checkout", "Payments" or "Checkout Options" tab depending on the plugins installed.

5. Copy and paste your Addy API Key. Sign up for a free account to get your API key.

WooCommerce Address Autocomplete Settings

6. Save the Changes and you're done!

PO Boxes and Private Bags

By default, all addresses including PO Boxes and Private Bag numbers are included in the search results. Check the Exclude PO Box addresses option under Addy Autocomplete Settings to remove PO Boxes and Private Bag numbers from the address results.