WooCommerce Address Autocomplete

Address autocomplete for WooCommerce, powered by Addy's NZ address finder

WooCommerce Address Delivery Plugin

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Addy designed a free Checkout Address Autocomplete plugin for WooCommerce, where online shoppers can start typing in the billing address or shipping address field, and an address suggestion autocomplete dropdown will appear. When the shopper clicks on one of the addresses, then the Address, City, Region and Postcode fields will be populated automatically with the selected address data.

The WooCommerce address validation plugin will reduce friction by speeding up the checkout process and correct address typos, reducing time spent on manual address correction.

Address suggestions are relative to the selected country and will work on the Billing and/or Shipping addresses when New Zealand is active.

How does Address Validation and Address Auto-Complete work?

The WooCommerce Checkout Validation plugin will monitor the billing and shipping address fields for character entries on your WooCommerce checkout page. When a user starts typing, text will be validated in real-time against Addy's address lookup API. With real-time address postcode checking, your eCommerce website doesn't have to download a large list of 2M+ New Zealand addresses that will get out of date easily. Calls to the secure address validation APIs means your site remains lightweight and fast, serving the freshest address data validated against official NZ Post and LINZ address databases.

Postcode address validation features

Addy's address validation software provides:

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