Google Maps Address Finder

Find my address and plot it on google maps

Address Lookup for Google Maps

Addy's address validation plugin or the address finder API makes it easy for users to perform real-time address validation for any New Zealand address and have the location displayed on google maps.

Addy is effectively a google maps address finder, providing accurate geocoding address data sourced the official New Zealand Geocoding Postal Address File (Geo PAF) and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) street address database.

Google Maps Postal Address Finder

Find an address and display the physical location on google maps:

Google Maps Geocoding

With Addy's Google Maps lookup, the address details with the latitude and longitude (WGS 84 GPS format) of the selected place is display in the pop-up tooltip.

Copy and paste the latitude and longitude values into Google Earth to view satellite images.

Use the free Geocode Address API to turn locations, based on your IP address or use nearby cell tower locations and WIFI connections that your mobile phone can detect, into nearby street addresses. Have a look at Addy's reverse address geocoding page for a real-time demo to find and select your address with a couple of clicks.

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