Address Cleansing Software

Address cleansing, matching and validation for an accurate address database

What is Address Cleansing Software?

Address cleansing software, also called address validation or address matching software, helps to transform incomplete, improperly formatted or duplicate addresses stored in a database into accurate addresses validated against official address databases, such as the New Zealand Postal Address File (PAF).

What are the benefits of Address Cleansing Software?

Address cleansing software will correct a number of mistakes, such as adding a missing postcode, suburb or city. Since addresses are formatted according to NZ Post standards and a unique NZ Post DPID and/or a Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) Street ID is returned for each address, it becomes an easy task to find and remove duplicate records.

Using address cleansing software, such as validate-as-you-type address autocomplete or bulk address cleansing can save a significant amount of time and can be more cost effective than fixing errors manually.

What Address Cleansing Software do we offer?

Addy's address cleansing software combine activities such as:

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