Completed Address Requests

Billing information for address cleansing, matching and validation

The following guide provides illustrations to explain:

  1. How the address finder widget interacts with the address fields on your website
  2. When free Address Autocomplete API calls are made by searching for address suggestions
  3. When an Address Details API call is made (known as a completed address lookup) to retrieve full address details

1. Add the address finder widget to your webpage

The address finder widget is responsible for orchestrating the user's input on your website's address fields and interacting with Addy's Address Autocomplete API to search for address suggestions.

Address Finder JavaScript Widget

There are multiple ways to deploy the address finder widget on your website:

When your address form is displayed, the address finder widget will register for keypress events on the address field. When a user starts to type in their address (after typing in a minimum of 3 characters), the JavaScript widget will send the partial address information (such as 80 Queen St) to the Address Autocomplete API.

2. Retrieving predictive "search as-you-type" address results

Address Finder Predictive Search

After a search request is made in step 1, the Address Autocomplete API will retrieve a list of address suggestions that match the user's input. The widget will use the API response to display an autocomplete list of addresses that the user can choose from. The user can use their keyboard or mouse to move up and down the list of address suggestions.

It is free to call the Address Autocomplete API to retrieve a list of address suggestions.

3. Selecting an address and making a completed address lookup request

A user can validate their address by clicking on an address suggestion. When the user clicks on their address, the widget will make a call to the Address Details API and retrieve detailed information about the address such as the suburb, city, postcode and geo coordinates.

Address Finder Select Suggestion

The Address Details API will securely log that a completed address request was made and subtract it from the 500 free completed address lookup requests available for that month. When a website exceeds the 500 free completed address requests per month, additional requests will count towards that month's invoice.

The on-premises Address Details API offers unlimited completed address lookup requests per month and does not log usage data. Visit the pricing page to learn more about the monthly plans.

4. Automatically fill in all of the address fields

Address Finder Complete Fields

The address finder widget will use the response from the Address Details API in step 3 above to populate all of the registered address fields on the page.

Using the address finder widget and address APIs, users can complete address forms fast and accurately. Businesses and users will have confidence that goods will be delivered to the right place with a complete, consistent and validated address.