How does Addy compare to Google's Place Autocomplete Address Forum?

Google provides a place autocomplete address forum and autocomplete for addresses and search terms service.

There are a two main considerations before investing time and effort into Google's address autocomplete solution.

1. Address Accuracy and Completeness

Google's address autocomplete are incomplete because it does not include all of New Zealand's mail delivery points, such as post office boxes, locked bags, private bags, PO boxes, Community Boxes or Rural District addresses. This can be problematic for businesses that allow users to sign up to mailing services such as magazines subscriptions.

Addresses are not 100% accurate. New Zealand has many subdivided properties. Google often only knows about the land deposit number.
For example, Google knows about "92 Francis Street, Hauraki, Auckland" but the delivery address is either 92A or 92B (1/92 or 2/92) Francis St.

Google Address Map The image above shows that lot 92 Francis Street contains two properties.

Google Address Autocomplete The image above shows that Google only knows about 92 Francis Street.

Google will also accept "fake" addresses such as 5/92 or 92E Francis St, which doesn't actually exist. This makes Google unsuitable for address cleansing and validation.

Google Address Autocomplete Invalid Address The image above shows that Google returns fake address results.

Accurate and valid addresses are important to ensure customers' online orders are delivered to the right place.

2. License Restrictions

License Restriction (section 10.5.d), "No caching or storage. You will not pre-fetch, cache, index, or store any Content..."

You can use Google's address autocomplete service to help your users locate their address details such as the Street, City and Zip Code but you can't store it in your database. This might not be useful for registration forms or capturing delivery addresses. According to section 10.5.d.1, you may store limited data for caching purposes if it "is temporary (and in no event more than 30 calendar days)". This would be a serious problem if you plan to store customer addresses for more than 30 days.

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