Bulk reverse geocoding with CSV Spreadsheets

Turn a large list of latitude and longitude coordinates into addresses

What is bulk reverse geocoding?

Reverse geocoding is the process of pin-pointing a physical address from a latitude and longitude GPS location. Street addresses with suburbs, cities and postcodes are human readable whereas long, high precision lat/long point location digits are difficult to read without a pin on a map.

Addy's bulk reverse geocoding service allows you to turn a large list of coordinate points from a CSV spreadsheet into the nearest, readable street addresses. The distance in metres (kilometre decimals) between the GPS coordinates and the physical addresses are included with every successful point to address conversion.

What are the benefits of reverse geocoding?

  • Fast - turn thousands of lat/long coordinates into addresses
  • Verified - geocoded addresses are matched against authoritative NZ Post and LINZ datasets
  • Standardised - address results are in the same consistent format
  • Enhanced - new metadata such as postal codes, suburbs, cities and Stats NZ Census metadata will be added too
  • Deduplicated - using the Addy ID or NZ Post DPID you can uniquely identify addresses for duplication detection
  • Transparent Pricing - Reverse geocode 500 coordinates into addresses free per month, choose a plan if you need more

Step by step guide to perform bulk reverse geocoding using a CSV spreadsheet


  1. Prepare the CSV for reverse geocoding
  2. Upload the CSV for coordinate to address matching
  3. Download the CSV with physical street addresses

1. Prepare the CSV for reverse geocoding

Download CSV Template with sample X and Y coordinates to get started; or

  • Export / copy and paste your lat/long coordinates from your database into a spreadsheet
  • Add a heading on row one
    • Add an "X" and "Y" or "Long" and "Lat" headings for coordinates
    • All other headings such as "Customer ID" will be ignored

Below is a screenshot of a valid geocoding .csv:

Bulk reverse geocoding CSV spreadsheet

2. Upload the spreadsheet for coordinate to address matching

  • Login to your Addy account or register for a free account
  • Navigate to the Validation menu
  • Click on the "Bulk Address Geocoding" tab
  • Click on the "Browse" button
  • Select your spreadsheet with coordinates prepared in step 1
  • Enter the maximum distance in metres to the nearest address
  • Click "Reverse Geocode Addresses" to start the translation process

Below is a screenshot of the geocoding validation step:

Bulk GPS coordinates address translation

3. Download the spreadsheet with physical street addresses

  • View the progress and matching accuracy of your reverse geocoding job
  • Download the matched address file once it is completed

Below is a screenshot of the geographic coordinates to human-readable address matching progress and download option:

Bulk addresses geocoded CSV spreadsheett

The original address columns will be preserved, and additional address columns will be added for each validated address.

Download Geocoded Address Results

Output Address Fields

The table below describes each column in the Excel CSV spreadsheet. To find a complete description of all the fields, see the response properties for the Address Details API.

Column Description Example
Reason The reason why reverse geocoding failed. This field will be blank if the address was matched successfully X and Y coordinates must be specified.
The X or Y coordinate is not a valid number.
DistanceKM The distance in kilometres from the coordinates to the address. 0.01113451
DistanceM The distance in metres from the coordinates to the address. 11.13451031
Address Full address in a single line 80 Queen Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010
Display Line Holds the single line address display name Floor 2, 1 Blair Street
Street Holds the name and type of the street Blair Street
Suburb Holds the name applied to a group of geographically associated streets Te Aro
City Holds the name of the Town/City provided by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) Wellington
Mailtown Holds the name of the Town/City/Mailtown associated with this delivery point Wellington
Postcode Holds the four digit code defined by New Zealand Post, which is used to describe the locations linked to sorting zones for mail sorting purposes 0622
X Holds the longitude coordinates in WGS84 format 174.7835236
Y Holds the latitude coordinates in WGS84 format -41.29302216
ID Holds the unique Addy Identifier 2392921
DPID Holds the unique reference number assigned by NZ Post to each delivery point address 1500136
LINZ ID Holds the unique reference number assigned by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to each street address 25003
Parcel ID Holds the unique spatial object number representing a land parcel where the postal address resides as assigned by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) 3757439
Meshblock Holds the foreign key value to link to census and statistical datasets as assigend by Statistics New Zealand (Stats NZ) 2135700
Number Holds the base street number. For Rural addresses these are allocated by territorial authorities 1
RD Number Holds the rural delivery route number
Alpha Holds the alpha component of a street number B
Unit Type Holds the category description of a sub-dwelling type within a building of building compiles. This is used in conjunction with the Unit Number address element Flat
Unit Number Holds the address elements that identifies a specific deliver sub dwelling delivery point within a building or building complex 3
Floor Holds the Floor type and identifier in a multi level building Floor 2
Territory Holds the territorial authority of the address. See districts of NZ< Wellington City
Region Holds the regional authority of the address. See regions of NZ Wellington
Building Holds the building property name for a recognised significant building
Type Holds the type of delivery point (Urban, Rural, PostBox, NonPostal) Urban
Box Bag Number Holds the PO Box/Private Bag number
Ouput Field 1 Holds the correctly formatted address in line 1 Floor 2
Output Field 2 Holds the correctly formatted address in line 2 1 Blair Street
Output Field 3 Holds the correctly formatted address in line 3 Te Aro
Output Field 4 Holds the correctly formatted address in line 4 Wellington 6011
Modified Holds the last modified date of the address 22/01/2018
PAF Source Holds a flag to state if the address was sourced from the New Zealand Postal Address File (TRUE) or Land Information New Zealand (FALSE) TRUE
Deleted Holds a flag to state if the address was deleted FALSE

Reverse address geocoding automation loved by developers

Do you prefer to use your own automation tools? Get started by visiting our Geocode Address API or Bounding Box API documentation.