Free address services for charities

How charities can improve their donation revenue with Addy's free address finder

What is a common use case for charities to use address validation?

Your organisation may have staff standing outside of a public place, such as a supermarket trying to recruit new sponsors that can donate on a regular basis. One of the sign-up requirements might be that your staff must capture the contact details such as a name, telephone number and home address on a device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet.
There are multiple opportunities that Addy can help with to make the sign-up process efficient and successful.

Addy's address services are free for charities. Sign up today.

Primary Objective: A fast and efficient sign-up process

A common question people may ask is how long is the sign-up process going to take? People are often in a rush, and the faster and easier it is to sign up, the more likely they are to sign up. Your organisation may also have a limited number of devices and staff.

When staff have their heads down completing long registration forms, potential sponsors simply walk by without being actively engaged which can be costly for your organisation. A streamlined process enables your staff to complete the sign-up process faster, which frees them up to have more conversations with potential sponsors.

Secondary Objective: Complete, accurate and validated information

When staff assist sponsors to sign up, they may ask, how do you spell your street or suburb name? It is easy to make a spelling mistake or fill in information incorrectly. Accuracy is important to ensure you can contact the right sponsor and it reduce the effort it takes for your staff to manually correct and validate addresses.

Free Address Service Solutions

Addy helps with both objectives. With our address finder widget on your online form, users only need to type in a few characters and their address will be validated in real time, predictive autocomplete suggestions will show up and the address fields can be completed by a single touch or click on your device.

The primary objective is met because the speed of filling in the street name, suburb, city and postcode fields is significantly faster with up to 80% less typing.

The secondary objective is met because addresses are validated against official sources, it is complete, consistent and in a standardised format.

Addy's address services are free for charities. If you are part of a charitable organisation, feel free to sign up with Addy and email us that you are a charity and we won't send you an invoice.

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