Batch Address Verification

Verify addresses in batches, fast and accurately

Batch address verified in minutes

Have a CSV or Excel spreadsheet with addresses that needs checking for accuracy, completeness and consistency?

  • Get started by uploading, validating and downloading batch validated addresses.
  • Free address validation for 500 addresses per month and pay-as-you if you need more.

How batch address verification works

Send Addy a list of dirty, partially complete, inconsistently formatted addresses and Addy will send back a clean, scrubbed list of addresses, complete with suburb, city and postal codes that fully reconciles back to authoritative street and postal addresses.

1. Upload

Enter your addresses into spreadsheet and upload it.

2. Validate

Track the bulk address validation progress and matching accuracy.

3. Download

Download the list of validated address results.

Get started for free
500 free verified addresses per month

5 ways to validate and correct your addresses

There are many ways to improve the quality of your existing addresses as described below:

1. Use the bulk address validation page (recommended for address lists of any size)

The fastest and easiest way to batch-validate addresses is to use the secure bulk address validation page.

Simply 1) export your customer address details into a CSV or Excel spreadsheet, 2) click 'n upload the list and 3) download the validated address results.

Read the step-by-step bulk address cleansing guide for more information.

Bulk address validation spreadsheet

2. Use the address cleansing Excel spreadsheet (great for small address lists)

Addy allows Excel users to validate addresses directly out of Excel using a Marco.

How does the Excel Marco work? The Excel Marco looks for address fields in the workbook, makes a secure call to the address matching API and appends the validated address results to the end of each row.

The Excel Marco validates one address at a time and is therefore fairly slow for large lists. The best address cleansing software solution for address lists containing thousands of records is bulk address validation.

Read the step-by-step Excel address validation cleansing guide for more information.

Address Matching Results in Excel

3. Use the address validation API to automate batch address verification (perfect for developers)

Organisations with business intelligence, data quality assurance or data analytics teams rely on Addy's address validation API to perform on-going, automated and scheduled batch address verification.

Automating address validation at scheduled intervals is easy. Get started by reading the well-documented address matching API specification with examples, explore the swagger API testing tools, or get in contact for email and phone support.

4. Use email for batch address validation

An easy way to validate your addresses is to email a CSV or Excel list of addresses to [email protected] and we will email your list of verified, cleansed addresses back.

5. Use Dropbox, Google Drive or S3 cloud storage for batch address validation

To validate a large list of addresses, simply send a link to the cloud storage location to [email protected] and we will email you back when your list of addresses is validated.

Privacy and security

Addy provides secure, private and accurate address validation to some of New Zealand's largest organisations. Addy does not on-sell or disclose your information and is happy to sign a Non-Disclose Agreement (NDA) upon request.