Address finder with jQuery UI autocomplete

Use the code samples below for adding address finder and postcode validation to your websites using jQuery UI's Autocomplete.

Note: We recommend using the light weight, pure JavaScript widget instead for greater customisation and faster loading times.

Standard Form

Add standard address lookup functionality to address line 1, address line 2, suburb, city and postcode fields.

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Toggle Form

Simplify your address capture fields by hiding the suburb, city and postcode fields until an address is selected.

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Single Address Field

Search for an address with a single textbox and display detailed address information using a custom callback function.

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Form with Countries

Display standard address fields with a country drop-down-list. Disable the address lookup for countries other than New Zealand.

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Form Country Toggle

Simplify the address capture fields by only showing the country and address lookup on your form.

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Shipping and Billing Address

Add an address lookup to your shipping and billing address forms. The same address can also be reused.

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Autocomplete Themes

Choose a theme to style your address autocomplete widget that will align with your business branding guide.

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